Many to Many in Fluent?

Oct 11, 2011 at 3:16 AM

In the SocialDataContext file, you have:

            //this seems a little backwards
                        .HasMany( p=>p.Orders)
                        .WithMany( o=>o.Products)
                        .Map(m => m.ToTable("OrderProducts"));
Just curious - what seems backwards?
And also - by convention, code first should handle this for you and create the table OrderProducts with a pair as your primary key (order_id and product_id) unless you specified
the OrderId and ProductId in the POCOS along with the reference (it's smart enough to read that as your Id by its naming convention).  I usually do this it this way so I 
can pass IDs from time to time and not the entire object - that and I hate underscores.
So why Fluent this - it's good if you want to map to a different table name, etc, but otherwise, convention picks this up.  Just curious if you have some different perspective.
Thanks dude.