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Project Description

Social store front using html 5, jquery , mvc 3 with social networking integration

Technology Used

  • MVC 3 with Razor - possibly MVC 4 with Razor v2
  • Entity Framework Code First
  • Ninject for Dependency Injection (I’ve seen StructureMap a lot and we use Unity here, so good to branch off)
  • jQuery with a heavy use of jQuery UI 1.8.16 or 1.9 if they can move fast enough
  • AutoMapper to map entities to flattened view models
  • Heavy use of TDD with Moq (I love to write tests so I don’t mind)
  • Elmah for Infrastructure concerns such as error notification, etc.
  • Heavy interaction with Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Janrain Federation for authenication
  • Sql Server 2008

Feature List

  • Quick and Simple Site Navigation to find products
  • Product Search Option
  • Deal of the Day Feed on the home page
  • Shopping Cart
  • User Registration
  • Wish list
  • Product Quick view
  • Product Detail view
  • Shipping Estimations
  • Login Page
  • Allow administrators to add their own branding
  • Categories/subcategories product structure
  • Marketing promotions for administrators
  • Administration tools for users to manage their
    • Storefront (Manage prices accross single products, product lines/categories, or entire inventory)
    • Customers
    • Orders
    • Discounts
    • Coupons
    • Refunds
    • Twitter feeds
    • Facebook integration
  • Support payment gateways PayPal,, Google checkout
  • Customer tools for customers to manage and view :
    • Purchases
    • Profile
    • Twitter
    • Facebook

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